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School Of Photography Online Courses

Photography Courses Online Start Today.

 Learn Photography in the comfort of your own home.

Mastering the Art of Photography at Home

Start a New Photography Course Today! Join our tutor assisted online photography courses and find distance learning easy. Would you like to learn to use your new Digital Camera or old film camera better but just don't have the time or facilities nearby?

Learning photography at your own pace with no time limit. All YOUR photography course material is available right here online 24/7. You learn rapidly by studying each photo lesson, following the examples within.

We have been teaching photography online since January 2000, so join thousands of previous students and take one of our proven online courses today, inspect the lessons with a money back guarantee if you change your mind.

Study and practise new photography techniques and skills in the comfort of your own home

Learn how-to use your camera by reading, understanding and doing. Each photo course has graded photo projects for you to try out your new photography skills.

We have SEVEN great photography courses to choose from, with more on the way! Starting photography has never been easier. All you need is a digital camera or film camera, Internet access and enthusiasm.

School Of Photography Online Courses

School Of Photography - Online Courses!


Starting Your Own Professional Photography Business

Learn the secrets of building a successful Photography business from an expert.

Lori Osterberg

What If You Could Find A Successful Photographer Who Would Mentor You And Show You The Ropes To Starting A Successful Photography Studio?

Would You Jump At The Chance To Learn A Few Secrets From A Seasoned Pro?

Highly Recommended

Dear Photographer,

What would life be like for you if YOU could do anything you would like? What if you had more time to spend with your family, and be available when they needed you most? What if you could make enough money to support you and your family, and have the extras in life you've been dreaming of (like that new car, and the two week vacation)? What if you could work on a schedule that is convenient for you? What if this dream could become your reality in just a few short months?

If photography has always been a passion for you; one that you would love to make into a full time career, maybe its time to make that dream a reality. Maybe you've been photographing your friends and family for years, and they've been telling you to go into the business. Or maybe you're having a harder and harder time going to that job every day that just doesn't seem to have a purpose. Why should you work for someone else when you can build something lucrative on your own?

The truth is over 75 percent of people contemplate starting their own business at some point in their life. And of those 75 percent, one in three will actually take the steps necessary to start their own business.

Will you be one of them?

You see, it takes a special personality to decide to go into business for him or herself. You have to realize that it takes more than a love of what you do. It also takes commitment because a business doesnít grow by itself. It takes work.

The cold hard facts are most business owners will go out of business in a short period of time. Over 66 percent of business start-ups fold after only four years.

But there is a way to give you an edge over other business owners. It's a "secret" that every successful business owner has followed over the course of his or her own entrepreneurial life. And I'm going to share that secret with you Ö in just a minute.

Does This Really Work?

Building A Successful Photography Business

Building A Successful Photography Business - Lori Osterberg


Powerful Landscape Photography

How To Take The Most Clear, Breathtaking, Majestic and Powerful Landscape Photos Without Much Money.

How To Take The Most Clear, Breathtaking, Majestic and Powerful Landscape PhotosÖ Without Spending Hundreds Of Dollars On Expensive Camera Equipment, Using Any Good, Basic Digital Camera.

From: Amy Renfrey Redlands, Brisbane, Qld,

Dear Landscape Photography Enthusiast, 

If you want to get beautiful, open, powerful and clear landscape photos using your good, basic point and shoot digital camera then this information will change the way you look at landscape photography from now on. 

Getting beautiful landscape photos is not as hard as you would think actually. Sadly when the secrets of landscape photography are not applied, your landscape shots can be so very disappointing. Too often a beautiful landscape, in real life looks so stunning, so breathtaking that we just point, shoot, get home to look at the photos and and Ö oh. We end up with an annoying and disappointing flat landscape shot with no depth or detail as we saw it when we were standing there in person.

That big, open, majestic feel has completely gone. So why is this?

Well you see my friend; photographing landscapes and making them look like they do in real life takes a few simple things. 

When I say Ďa few simple thingsí I really mean it. You can actually make your landscape photos turn out the way you want them to. (Not the way the camera does!) 

Iím not talking about following a rigid set of hard-to-follow-rules. Iím talking about applying easy and inexpensive things you can do at home and on location to give commanding power and real presence to your landscape photographs.

If you want pain in the neck, hard-to-understand applications, complicated photographic jargon that will give you a headache then you wonít like what I am about to say. This stuff I am about to show you is about how to get the most professional looking landscapes in an easy-to-absorb way.

This information is seriously enlightening because Iíve got professional landscape information to share with you.

Just imagine this for a moment...

Powerful Landscape Photography

Powerful Landscape Photography


Create Digital Backgrounds In Photoshop

"Easily Create Digital Backgrounds
in less than 5 minutes and perform easy extractions

"Studio Quality Portraits
Right From Your Living Room!

Absolutely no Chroma Key screens of any kind were used.

Easy As 1... 2... 3

  • Are you having trouble extracting wispy hair?

  • Are you tired of your images looking fake?"


My name is Fabian Barajas and I'll get right to the point. Why are you buying digital backgrounds (a.k.a. backdrop) when you can EASILY make them in Photoshop in less than five minutes?

Also, when it comes to extracting an image, many people are disappointed in their results. Wispy hair seems to be a problem for most people. I have made it a breeze in my NEW VIDEO which I reveal to you my easy techniques for extracting wispy hair.

Another thing, my techniques do not require the need for Chroma Key blue or green screens.

Create Digital Backgrounds In Photoshop

Create Digital Backgrounds In Photoshop!


Digital Photography Success

Take Beautiful, Professional Quality Pictures Even If You've Never Used A Digital Camera Before.

"At Last! How To Take The Digital Photos You've Always Wanted, and Finally Have Them Turn Out Like A Professional Photographer Has Taken Them... Even If You've Never Used A Digital Camera Before and Don't Know Anything About Photography."

Amy Renfrey

Digital Photographer

Dear Photography Enthusiast,

If you've been longing to take excellent, professional looking photos of the things you love with your digital camera and have them turn out with perfect clarity and superb detail and depth, every single time, as if a professional photographer has taken them, then this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

Did you know that you can go from getting average digital photos to a professional looking standard photos in just 14 days?

And did you know that you do NOT need expensive digital photography courses to reach a level where your photos will be good enough to exhibit and even sell?

Did you also know that you can take beautiful, "reach-out-and-grab-you" photos on just a 2 mega pixel camera and you do not need all the flashy, expensive equipment to do it?

Let me smash this myth; you do not need loads of mega pixels in your digital camera to take beautifully clear photos with your digital camera.

And let me tell you one very important thing too; you can go from taking less than satisfying photos to taking superb, outstanding photos, with sharp clarity and perfect definition, right from the comfort your own home. In fact you can even do it from the chair you are sitting in right now....

Just released are two incredibly extensive, written-in-plain-English, ebooks called "Digital Photography Success" and "Advanced Digital Photography".

They cover everything you need to know about how to go from getting photos you are unhappy with to professional looking photos in just a short amount of time.

Imagine being able to take your camera anywhere and get the shots to turn out exactly the way you want, every time. And knowing, just by looking at something in front of you, how to make it into a beautiful photograph, even before you pick up the camera.

How proud and excited would you feel!

Keep reading and you will finally discover how you can stop having a gazillion disappointing photos taking up space on your digital camera and how you can start replacing them with fabulous photos with the depth, detail, clarity and quality you've desperately longed for.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY how to make that landscape or city skyline so beautifully
sharp, crisp and clear, as if it came from a glossy magazine?

Digital Photography Success



Get Paid For Your Photos

Your just a few clicks away from your photos paying you!
For non photographer and pro alike. Top Dollar For Your Pics.

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU To Painlessly

Make Money with Your Digital Camera

We welcome ALL experience levels - Including both: 
photographers and non-photographers alike!

Turn Your Favourite Hobby Into Cash Today!

All kinds of photos are needed featuring all kinds of styles, themes, topics, etc. 

Submit your photos online right now and get paid every time your photos are downloaded. Many of the same photos in this program can - and - are downloaded hundreds of times, round the clock, over and over again which means big bucks for you!

Who needs your photos?  Lots of people do.

Here's a small list:

  • Web Designers
  • Magazine Editors
  • Graphic Artists
  • Advertisers
  • Affiliates
  • Teens
  • Mothers
  • Scrap bookers
  • Teachers
  • Lawyers
  • Business People
  • Realtors
  • Illustrators
  • Chefs
  • Online Vendors
  • eBay Sellers
  • Marketers
  • Students
  • Professors
  • Administrators
  • Travel agents
  • Executives
  • Clergy
  • Merchants
  • Writers
  • Retailers
  • and the list goes on....

We link you instantly with these people and get you top dollar for your photos.

Get Paid For Your Photos

It's very easy, very rewarding and fun.


Camera Dollars System

Discover How To Get Paid With Your Digital Camera!

Make Money with Your Digital Camera!

Photographers Needed Worldwide!

"Genuine home-based photography system lets you earn up to $250 a day and also gives you the opportunity to earn monthly residual income off every photo that you submit online!"

Discover How to Make Money - Lots & Lots of Money - With Your Digital Camera!

All You Need is a Digital Camera & Internet Access to Get Started ...
Even If You Are a Rank Amateur With No Previous Professional Photography Experience at All!

From the desk of: Brian Moore

Listen up,

If you have a digital camera (or you are thinking about getting one) and you have ever wished that you had more money coming in to pay off debts, buy those little extras youíve always wanted, or just to save for a rainy day Ö then this is definitely the most important letter you'll read today!

Hereís why:

Iím about to reveal how you can make up to hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars a week taking pictures and submitting them onto the internet in your spare time! You can make money even if you have absolutely no photography training to speak of because my proven and tested system introduces you to several photography opportunities that are so easy - even "newbies" can make money with them. These powerful, genuine, and legit photography opportunities require no need for expensive photography printers or machinery!

Itís true.

You don't need any special printers or expensive photography equipment because all of the pictures you take will be uploaded directly to the internet! You donít need to know anything about digital cameras or photography to make money with this system, as I am prepared to teach you exactly what you need to do in order to get started right away.

  • I am going to hold your hand and spoon-feed you the information step-by-step.
  • I will explain what I do and show you exactly what you must also do to discover how to make more money than you probably ever dreamed possible using a digital camera!

Get Paid To Submit Photos To The Internet!

Get Paid To Submit Photos To The Internet!


Portrait Photography Business Success

How to earn money as a Photographer .

Professional PHOTOGRAPHY:

Success Without School
By Tom Ray, PPA Certified

Want to work part-time as a photographer, but make a full-time income?

Let me show you how you can do it!

  • Do you already know the camera basics?
  • Have you ever wondered how to cross-over from amateur photographer to professional?
  • Have you read any "how to" books but still have a day job?


Portrait Photography Business Success

Portrait Photography Business Success


How To Photograph Weddings - Portraits and Groups

Wedding Photography techniques for photographers.
Photographing a wedding, find out the secrets of a professional.

How to Photograph a Wedding - Portraits - Babies and Groups.

"Increase Your Photography Skill and Confidence Level Quickly and Easily With These Top Professional Secrets that Will Change Your Approach to Wedding, Group and Portraiture Photography ..."

It doesn't matter whether you are struggling with posing, marketing, getting clients, photographing weddings or portraits, flash photography, baby photography, or any other photography issues... Read this letter, because I CAN help you right now - TODAY .

For more exciting information on How to Photograph a Wedding You Will be able to Watch a Video Sample of this Amazing DVD Course.  This is a Breakthrough in Experiential Learning!

How To Photograph Weddings - Portraits and Groups!

How To Photograph Weddings - Portraits and Groups!


Make Money with Your Digital Camera

Would You Like To Make $50, 100 Or Even More Every Week with Your Digital Camera?

Would You Like To Make $50, 100 Or Even More Every Week With Your Digital Camera?

A few years ago I bought my first digital camera. My digital camera cost me over 430 dollars. You can get a better quality camera with more features today for under $200. This was the opening of a series of profitable money making ventures for me.

Your Digital Camera is a CASH machine.

It's like having an ATM spitting out money. Once you buy the camera and the software you don't need to constantly spend money on film, so you make more money and more profits per job.

Within two weeks of buying my digital camera, I had created my first screensaver and was selling then on eBay. Since then I have sold more than 1300 screensavers for $7.97 each. I made over 10,000 dollars just from this one simple strategy. This more than paid for the digital camera.

Make and Sell Screensavers.

For some of these money making projects, like a screensaver, you will create products to sell. After you have created the product, you build a website, sell the product on eBay, or both to get paid for your work. These projects are very productive because you get paid over and over for doing the work once, and you will be making money for years after five hours work making a screensaver.

A Screensaver Is Like Finding Money On The Sidewalk

Make Money with Your Digital Camera

Make Money with Your Digital Camera


Digital Photography Secrets

Learn Photography Even if you know nothing about digital camera.
The Amazing Photo Secrets That Gurus Will NOT Tell You!

Don't take another digital picture until you read this book! Someone has finally gotten into the "secret files" of top photographers and is sharing the information for the first time ever!

"Finally!   There's a Fast, Easy, Affordable Way To Access Professional Picture-Taking Secrets
and ... Capture The Best Digital Images Of Your Life!!!"

Digital Photography Secrets

by David Peterson

A Book To Instantly Transform The Quality of Your Digital Photographs

 From the desk of David Peterson, Author and Digital Camera Buff


My name is David Peterson. Photography is my passion and I'm excited to have a chance to share that passion with youÖ along with a new book that I believe can instantly transform you into a better photographer.

Iíve been a photographer using film cameras since I was a little kid. When I bought my first digital camera, I excitedly opened the box and started taking lots of images. Eagerly, I transferred my first photos to my computer and printed them.

Needless to say I was very disappointed with the results. They didnít look like the professional photos that I saw every day in magazines. My camera was expensive enough, why didnít my pictures look a million dollars?

It turns out there was a very simple answer.

I didnít know the secrets the professionals use every day to ensure their images look stunning each and every time. I found this out when a professional photographer friend of mine took me aside one day and told me the secrets he used.

I tried them all out and discovered that my images were MUCH, MUCH better. Not quite at the professional stage, but looking really good.

There's something you should know about me. I'm the kind of guy who likes to help out others. When I know about a great movie, a great bargain, or a great strategy for taking a picture, I want to share it with other people.

This book is the result of that philosophy.

I realized that not everyone was as lucky as me; not everyone has a friend who's a professional photographer. So, to "level" the picture-taking playing field, I decided to write a book myself on...

Everything the professionals know, but donít want you to know about
using your digital camera to take stunning photos

This book covers everything you need to know to take stunning photos with your digital camera.
Itís like having your very own professional photographer that you can reference any time you need to.

Do It By The Numbers

Digital Photography Secrets

Digital Photography Secrets - Capture The Best Digital Images Of Your Life!!


Stock Photography: Going Digital

GOING DIGITAL will show you how to get started, choose markets, work with agencies and much more!

Here's where you can get all the up-to-date information you need to sell your stock photo images online today...
Stock Photography: GOING DIGITAL

Dear Photographer,

The number of visitors coming to this site since it first went went up in 2003 shows me that thousands of photographers would like to sell their work online and want to know how to do it.

But if you check Amazon, there probably hasn't been a printed book done on the subject since Ron Engh's sellphotos.com, which was written a few years ago and was pretty much outdated, even then.

There is just too much of a time lag between writing a long, physical book and getting a printed copy into the hands of the reader. Far too much, with the way things have been changing in the world of stock photography. And frequent revisions of a limited interest print title are just too costly.

While it still offers some good marketing strategy, sellphotos.com was at best only half-way there, with the Internet viewed as a marketing tool but not as a viable delivery system for stock images.

I've been photo freelancing since 1969--I began in college--and there is almost no resemblance to what a freelancer did to sell his work then to what is being done today.

At one end there was an 8X10 black and white glossy, processed in a darkroom, sandwiched between cardboard, and sent to an editor through the mail. At the other, there is a TIFF from a digital camera, processed in Photoshop, and FTP'd as a JPEG to his Internet server at the push of a button.

Yes, things have really changed as far as taking an selling stock photos goes, and I love it.

The Internet and digital technology have opened whole new vistas for the stock photographer in...

  • How stock images can be taken
  • How stock images can be processed
  • How stock images can be delivered
  • How a stock image business can be conducted

The use of 'image' or 'images' for photo or photographs and 'imaging' for photography are all reflections of some major changes in the industry, and from my 35+ year perspective on shooting and selling stock photos, it all looks extremely good.

Consider that applying today's digital technology:

  • Beats developing film
  • Beats turning out 8x10 glossies
  • Beats breathing chemical fumes in a darkroom
  • Beats the increasingly long wait for those precious Kodachromes to come back, sometimes scratched and dirty, from the last remaining Kodachrome processing lab at Fair Lawn, New Jersey
  • Beats souping your own Ektachrome for the sake of speed and safety, while knowing the chemicals are pollutants
  • Beats costly FedExing of overnight packages
  • Beats putting original transparencies at risk
  • Beats having to produce costly promotional materials
  • Beats the time-consuming process of preparing these for mailing
  • Beats the added expense of mailing them

Yes, life has gotten so much easier for the stock photographer,
especially the stock photographer who markets his work himself.

Stock Photography: Going Digital

Stock Photography: Going Digital


Photography Posing Secrets

This Practical, Proven, Powerful System Will Fast Track Your Ability To Produce Expert Shots Every Time.

Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Produce The Professional Standard Portraits You've Always Wanted By Mastering The Secrets Of Camera Friendly Poses!

This Practical, Proven, Powerful System Will Fast Track Your Ability To Produce Expert Shots Every Time.

You Are Guaranteed to Never be Stuck For a Pose Again,
Even If You Don't Know How To Get Started - Or You Pay Nothing!

Dear fellow photographer,

Hi, I'm Malcolm Boone and in the next few minutes I'm going to show you how Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol. 1 is going to improve your ability to produce and communicate posing ideas that will lift your portraiture to a higher standard.

Let's be honest. One of the hardest pictures to take is one where you have to pose the human body. Coming up with ideas to fit the location or mood can be difficult. How do you avoid your subject looking awkward? Getting your idea across to the model is also a challenge. You can try to avoid the effort and frustration by using posing cards, but they limit you to how many cards you have that might fit your requirements. Many books that are supposed to advise you on posing waste your time with details on depth of field, average photographs with trite captions, and what should be in the model's tote bag.

Now YOU Can Produce the Right Pose Every Time!

Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1 is a newly released practical resource for creative posing that will quickly show you clear and comprehensive practical steps to produce and communicate a pose for any situation.

This book is for you if you photograph people and is invaluable whether you use digital or film photography. No matter what angle you wish to photograph your model from you can apply these techniques to head shots, ĺ shots and full length shots. Whether you want models still or apparently in motion, seated or standing, this resource will suggest every pose any photographer would need.

It contains a surprisingly sure fire system that leads to unlimited possible poses. Starting from scratch the step-by-step instructions show you the tricks to producing camera-friendly poses that successfully translate the three-dimensional body to a two-dimensional medium.

Innovative illustrations concentrate on the lines of the body and its posture. The main components of posing are the body, legs, arms and head. Each is analyzed and their possibilities shown. You will discover how to develop your own poses and how to use your shoot time efficiently by following methods that easily communicate the pose that you want.

With this resource you can always produce an appropriate pose to create a visually and psychologically impressive image whatever the location, mood or camera position. You'll be shown how to quickly raise standards and keep improving them.

Discover How to Gain Prestige

Imagine being supremely proud of pictures admired by all. Portraits so good family and friends will be proud to display them. Gain confidence as you win acclaim for your talent, skill and ability. If portrait photography is your hobby imagine getting to the standard where you can exhibit and sell your work if you wish.

If you already photograph models but would like to take your pictures to another level, imagine being recognized as an authority with a growing reputation for professional standard portrait work. Imagine rising to any challenge with alternative poses available whatever the context of the picture and whatever the posing genre - casual, glamour, journalistic or traditional. Any portrait photographer involved in print work, specialty modelling or stock photography will find this resource indispensable too.

This 120 page book includes:

  • How to focus on the body to aid posing.
  • The key to duplicating or creating any pose.
  • The three letters that can build a pose (no, not A-B-C).
  • Important points to consider for a reclining position.
  • Exercises and suggestions to help analyze pictures and poses.
  • Ten simple solutions when your model does not know what to do with their hands.
  • How to avoid foreshortening of limbs.
  • The three basic head movements that make a difference to your model's features.

Forget trial and error. You need never be stuck for a pose again when you get this easy to read,
simple to follow book that you can download in minutes.

Read What People Have To Say About Posing Secrets
The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1

Photography Posing Secrets

Photography Posing Secrets


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