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Income from Photography

How to easily start up and market a profitable Photography business!

By Roy Barker

How to Start a Profitable Photography Business

"If you enjoy taking photos, then starting a photography business will be easy and achievable for you; learn how to earn up to $720 part time, per week ... guaranteed!"

Plus download these handy extras:

- An additional extensive Marketing Manual
- An extra guide on how to be a great Photo assistant
- An additional guide on ways to make money with a camera
- An extra Photographer's Guide on tips & problem solving

Read this carefully,

Imagine doing something you enjoy as your career. Well that's exactly what I'm going to show you in this guide. What to do and what not to do. I'll show you how to get customers and more importantly, how to keep them. I'll show you how to market your photo business and make a profit (it must be profitable...right?). I'll also show you how to set it up.

Making a good income from starting a photography business may seem daunting initially. However, setting it up is quite simple. If you're a keen photographer and making others happy sounds attractive, then this information can change your income and job satisfaction for life.

Profitable Photography

Profitable Photography - By Roy Barker


Take Better Digital Photos (Photography)

E-book has powerful creative tools for building creative vision & capture subjects in stunning, imaginative photographs.

Interested in Digital Photography? But not getting the results you hoped for?

"You can take better digital photos today. Just grab my photographic toolbox of creative tools and techniques and start shooting!"

You'll amaze your family and friends when you show them your stunning, imaginative photos.
And that's not hype, believe me.

From the desk of: Tony Page, professional photographer and writer

If you've got a digital camera, like to take photos, but haven't been coming up with the results you'd hoped for, I can help you.

You're by no means alone in your frustration at not getting the same kind of bright, exciting images you see in magazines or on the walls of galleries, or in newspapers or displays in shops.

OK, you don't really expect to get images as good as those produced by highly-paid professional photographers with heavy duty equipment, but you think you should be able to get better results than you have been getting.

No doubt you've already heard some suggestions as to how to improve your shots:

red bulet "You need a better camera" (usually suggested by photoshop salesmen or someone with a more expensive camera than yours)
red bulet "You need to take a photography course at college" (OK if you're young and with three years to spare, but actually relatively few successful professionals ever took this route)
red bulet "There are some amazing trade secrets that are jealously guarded by professional photographers which if you only knew would instantly transform you into an expert " (I only wish!)

Well, the good news is that none of these statements is true.

An expensive Canon DIIIS or a Nikon D3 may improve your personal image but not necessarily your photos

Of course, a more sophisticated camera does offer you greater flexibility and control, but the reason pro cameras cost so much is that they're designed to be tougher (they have to stand up to working day-in day-out with absolute reliability, taking many thousands of exposures in often rough conditions) and to produce images of a greater size and quality than 99.9% of amateur photographers would ever need.

The truth is (although many pros wouldn't like to admit it) that for the vast majority of purposes professional photographs are used for today, a so-called "amateur" camera, even a compact, could produce a perfectly useable image (the main drawback would be its inability to use professional flash lighting).

A Photography degree looks good on your business card, but do you have the time?

As far as the college photographic course is concerned, many offer great value and produce excellent photographers, but let's face it, we're not talking about that kind of commitment of time and money here. What's more, many of the most famous and respected photographers never took any kind of academic course, but rather learnt by experience or by being apprenticed to a more experienced professional.

The Photographic Da Vinci Code does not exist

And lastly, although I would dearly like to pretend that I was a member of a secretive professional brother (and sister) hood possessing magical inside information that could turn anyone, Harry Potter-like, from an inept snapper into an expert pro photographer, I have to admit that after a couple of decades or more as a pro shooter I haven't come across any such Da Vinci Code-like revelations (although there are plenty of freely available tips, hints and advice everywhere).

But you can take better digital photos today, and even better ones tomorrow.

Here's how.

Take Better Digital Photos (Photography)

Take Better Digital Photos (Photography)


Organize Your Photos Without Losing Your Mind!

A step by step plan for organizing and protecting entire photo collection in 10 days without losing your mind.

"How to organize and protect your entire photo collection
in as little as 10 days... without losing your mind."

(even if you have years and years worth of photographs and absolutely no idea where to begin)

  • Are you overwhelmed by your photographs?

  • Have you got years and years’ worth of photos that have never even made it out of the film developers’ envelopes?

  • Worse yet, have you got rolls and rolls of film that haven’t even been developed?

  • Are you up to your eyeballs in boxes and stashes of photos that are a jumbled mess?

  • Wondering how you’ll ever manage to organize the old photos you’ve inherited when you’re already frazzled by your own collection?

  • Feeling frustrated by rummaging through your piles in search of a special photograph only to come up empty handed?

  • Have you slowed down or even stopped your picture taking because you just don't know where you'd put any more photos?

  • Are you fed up with feeling overwhelmed and guilty about your out-of-control photo collection?

From: Christine Sutton & Tracey DuBois

Dear Friend,

You’re not alone - and there is hope.

That’s what we want you to understand, and that’s why we’re here.

Our names are Chris Sutton and Tracey DuBois. As owners of The Sentimental Playground, LLC and producers of the acclaimed Treasure Your Memories video, we have helped countless people preserve and enjoy their precious photographs.

We have created this website so that you’ll know exactly what you need to do to keep your photos safe, and you’ll know the absolute easiest ways to get yourself organized – once and for all!

Organize Your Photos Without Losing Your Mind!

Organize Your Photos Without Losing Your Mind!


Imagic Photo - Image and Photo Enhancement Software

Transforms Your Photos Into Beautiful Images.

Imagic Photo Enhancer 7.4

Make your photos come alive with Imagic Photo Enhancer!

Imagic Photo Enhancer is an easy to use digital photo enhancement software that instantly transforms your pictures into rich, glowing, beautiful images. Our photo enhancer was inspired and developed to do one thing.. to make your pictures look their absolute best.. quickly, affordably, and easily.

Now you can give all your pictures a professional touch without the need for fancy, expensive studio equipment. Imagic Photo greatly improves the quality and visual appeal of your images.

Imagic Photo Enhancer is unlike any photo enhancement software on the market!

Our advanced software calculates where contour, shadows, and highlights should be, replacing definition and adding depth that is often lost through the digital imaging process.

Digital cameras use photons to interpret into data what is captured by the lens. Unfortunately, most photos end up looking flat and dimensionless, because of a combination of poor lighting conditions, and the final output in which your photo is displayed.. elements that are typically beyond your control.

Important information gets lost somewhere along the line between subject and final output!

Now, you can bring your photo into one of the major photo editing softwares, and attempt to boost brightness, contrast, color, and such, but remember this.. you are making adjustments to the image, not the subject or conditions.. thus, your image still ends up lacking dimension.

The key to Imagic Photo's enhancement process is in our specially designed 'Virtual Lighting' technology, which instantly adds depth and dimension to your images, giving an unparalleled sense of beauty and style to your photographs, and can be used for either a subtle or major boost in enhancement, as well as true color correction, fixing exposure, or artistic use.

Imagic Photo - Image and Photo Enhancement Software

Imagic Photo - Image and Photo Enhancement Software


Virtual Pose

Welcome to the virtual life drawing studio of the Twenty-First Century!

This website is dedicated to the art of drawing, painting, and sculpting the human figure and contains tasteful artistic nudity which may not be appropriate for viewing in certain countries.

Also, we ask that you do not enter this site if you are not 18 years old.

Parental Guidance is suggested.

Virtual Pose



How To Pay The Rent With Your Camera

Let Your Camera Make You Money!
Online Home Study Course Will Get You Earning Money With Your Photographs - Fast!

Question: If you were in a city where you had no contacts, you knew no one (and no one knew you) - money is tight, but you still had your photo gear - how would you earn enough money to pay the rent - THIS MONTH?

Here's how this whole thing got started...

I challenged several photographers - both professional AND part timers to answer the above question. The answers I got were astounding and I published them in an ebook titled "How to Pay The Rent With Your Camera - THIS MONTH!"

The techniques were easy to do,  and generated a lot of cash. FAST! By following the strategies, you literally COULD make enough money to "Pay the Rent". Best of all, it was written with the amateur in mind. ANYONE could do this!

The ebook was an immediate hit and went on to literally change the lives of dozens of budding photographers.

Now, I've asked the question AGAIN!...

The new results are published in "How to Pay The Rent With Your Camera - THIS MONTH! Volume 2" The ideas, techniques and strategies presented could literally change YOU forever! I honestly believe that Volume 2 is even better than Volume 1.

Why should you care?

I don’t care how old you are are today - how young you are - how difficult it is for you to imagine leading the life of your dreams … how negative your friends may be … how much a prisoner you are of crippling self doubt … how hard you have to work every day just to break even!


Simply because you don’t know the right way to GET STARTED LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS - you don't know how to leave the boring humdrum rat race of everyday living.

Simply because you don’t know the right way to give your life A FULL CHARGE OF ENTHUSIASM … so that it revs up instantly every morning … so that it operates at full power not for just a few brief minutes each day … BUT FOR 8 - 10 - 12 HOURS AT A STRETCH!

Having it all - living the life of your dreams - is a learned skill!

How To Pay The Rent With Your Camera

 "How To Pay The Rent With Your Camera…  This Month!" Volume 2


Earn Money Taking Local Photos for National Companies!

Learn simple instructions, possess basic photographic/computer skills,
and want to earn a real income with your camera.


Introduction Photography Jobs

Hello, my name John Carroll, and I'm about to introduce you to an industry that's virtually unknown to most people. If you are tired of all the "get-rich-quick" scams and schemes out there, and would like to earn an honest, full or part-time income doing simple digital photography jobs in your local area, this may be for you.

Our industry provides specialized services to major lending, leasing and insurance institutions nationwide. There is currently an extreme nationwide shortage of trained individuals to perform these services on a local level. If you are dependable, own a 1 mega pixel or greater digital camera, and have a computer with internet access, I have 100+ NATIONAL COMPANIES that would love to hear from you right now!

I have received many emails asking if our industry is still viable during the current economic situation. The answer is YES. As a matter of fact, the new "Economic Stimulus Plan" has created MANY additional and profitable opportunities for our industry. Homes and commercial properties that are foreclosed, being refinanced, and/or vacant now require more frequently updated photos and reports to our companies.

There has never been a better time to get started in our "virtually unknown" industry - John

Easy Photography Business - Digital Camera - Make Money!

Easy Photography Business - Digital Camera - Make Money!


Rich Photographer

Discover this proven system to see how easy it is to make real money ...
using digital camera & with internet connection.

EXCLUSIVE: Make up to $3946 a week on autopilot with photos.

WARNING: If you are looking for a big residual based income you DO NOT want to pass up the Online paid photos industry. Take part in a BILLION dollar business and make up to $3946 a week uploading simple photos you took with your camera!

Discover just how easy it is to make real money using your digital camera...

The simplicity of this proven system will shock you!

All you need is a digital camera and an internet connection.
No expensive equipment or printers, no expertise, no personal connections.
Just an ability to see every photo opportunity, and a mindset that's ready to cash in!

Attention: All snap-happy camera lovers!

From: Josh Bexter, former teacher, current photo entrepreneur...

Hey - If you own a digital camera, then you need to listen up!

If you would like to earn hundreds, even thousands, of dollars every week just by taking photos and submitting them onto the Internet, then you can make it happen today.


By following our PROVEN and EASY training program, you will uncover the secret to earning the Internet riches by turning your photography hobby into gold. You don't need to be a professional photographer, or full-time relentless member of the paparazzi...

It's easier than that!

You just need to follow the proven and powerful program Rich Photographer. By harnessing the profit-pulling power of the system's amazing strategies and tips you will uncover the secret to turning every photo you make into an investment than will secure you the future you've always dreamed of.

I know that dream lifestyle seems unattainable right now, but trust me, you're in for a big surprise!

Rich Photographer - Make Money With Online Photos!

Rich Photographer - Make Money With Online Photos!


Edit Your Digital Photos Using Photoshop

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop tool to quickly and easily edit your digital photos like the professionals.

You're About To Learn The Jealously Guarded Secrets Of Professional Photo Editors...

How To Use Adobe Photoshop To Quickly and ...
Easily Edit Your Digital Photos Like The Professionals

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted to know how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit your digital photos like the professionals, then this is for you...

Discover 22 instantly accessible online video tutorials which show you how to quickly and easily...


  • Remove red eye effortlessly
  • Correct underexposed photos
  • Remove spots and blemishes instantly
  • Make panoramic photos that bring everything to life
  • Remove any unwanted “objects” from your photos
  • Make yourself (or others) look 10 lbs slimmer
  • Heck you can even make someone you don't like look 10 lbs fatter!
  • Remove a double chin caused by a bad posture - or even a bad diet :-)
  • Give yourself an instant tan
  • Change hair color
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Smoothen skin (and give yourself the "model" look)
  • And MUCH more....

Edit Your Digital Photos Using Photoshop

Edit Your Digital Photos Using Photoshop


Stock Photo 101

Learn To Take Highly Profitable Stock Photographs With Ease.
A Program Geared At Teaching Photographers to become Expert.

Amazing Video E-Course Reveals How To Make a Profit Instantly ...
While Taking Photos of nearly ANYTHING!

Inside you'll discover...

  • How to sell your photos online and earn as much money as you want to work for - Day 1
  • Which types of photos are sold more and make much more profit! - Day 3
  • How to get people to find your photos and buy them (big one, can't sell photos without traffic)
  • How to make money multiple places from one single photo!
  • And much, much more!

Stock Photo Expert

Stock Photo 101 - A Program Geared At Teaching Photographers to become Expert.


Sports Photo Success

Discover How A College Student Earns Massive Checks All From A Fun Day's Work ...
Taking Photos Of Youth Sports Events.

Your search for starting a photography business is over...

"And Learn How You Can Use His Never-Before-Revealed Business Secrets To
Quickly Take Advantage Of This Lucrative Photography Market!"

From: Kyle Landon

Dear Friend,

How much is earning a massive income while having fun with photography worth to you? Suppose you could take an easy route to starting a lucrative photography business and earn thousands of dollars every single week?

Imagine... You wake up in the morning to find an email has been sent to you that says you've just received an extra $1800 from taking pictures of some sports games last week.

Sound too good to be true?
Well, it isn't if you have the right knowledge, tools, and desire.

Think about it. The knowledge of how to start your own business is the most powerful skill you could ever learn. This is because working for yourself is the only way to gain that large income you desire. Simply put, starting a photography business will spark up your life with a fun and exciting income and will allow you to reach success quickly.

But Creating That Enormous Income Is The Hard Part...

It could take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations for a successful youth sports action photography business - while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right way to start a successful business, you can now have it inside a new ebook called:

Sports Photo Success

Sports Photo Success - Start A Successful Photography Business

Sports Photo Success - Start A Successful Photography Business



Get instant access to the Digicamcash income system and start generating auto-pilot cash from your photos.

Quick Question: Can you take simple photos?

If so, You can make money just by submitting your photos online!

That's right! I'm going to show you step-by-step how you can submit photos online and earn up to $5,000 week after week!
All in your spare time!

All you need is a digital camera and an internet connection!

Hi, My name is Jarrod Hardcastle. I am a freelance photographer and the creator of DigiCamCash.

Right now, on this very website, I am going to show you how to make money just by using your digital camera and submitting your photos online. It's simple and you can get started in just a few minutes from now.

Not long ago I stumbled across a simple, yet extremely effective way to make money just by using my digital camera. I had been trying to make decent money as a photographer for a few years but now that I have discovered this secret source of income I am earning far more then I could have imagined.

And do you know the best part?.. I am still earning money on photos I submitted online over a year ago!.. and I will continue to earn from these photos for ever.

Digicamcash - Use Your Camera and Submit Your Photos Online For Money

Digicamcash - Use Your Camera and Submit Your Photos Online For Money


Photo Techniques Program

Amazing, Step-By-Step Techniques For Taking Beautiful Photographs With The ...
Precision, Sharpness & Expertise Of Pros.

You're about to Discover Proven Techniques to Stop the Frustration of Taking Awful Pictures that make you want to throw your camera into a brick wall and rip up all those "perfect" photos in the magazines.

"Discover the Amazing and Easy Step-By-Step Techniques for Taking Beautiful Photographs with the Precision, Sharpness and Expertise of the Pros!"

You're About To Uncover Killer Professional Tips to Turn Your Pictures into Masterpieces that Will Make Everyone Love Your Photos and Secretly Envy You...

From the Desk of Al Sanchez

Dear Photographer,

If you're sick of deleting photo after photo, tired of not understanding how to use your camera, and want an easy way to master photography, continue reading.

Photography can be tough. I know. There's the complex camera that's filled with dozens of buttons that seem to have no meaning. Composing the shot so it looks nice. And to top it off...if the light isn't right you'll end up with dark, blurry, or overexposed shots.

No wonder so many beginners give up fast. I know how agitating it can be. One simple goal... great shots. But when you're out there, holding your camera, everything changes. Perfect locations turn into poorly composed shots... or worse... shots too blurry to even keep.

When I first got into photography I failed constantly. I’d spend thousands on a high tech camera but ended up having no clue how to use it.

Once in a Lifetime Photo Opportunities Ruined Because of Mistakes, Camera "oops"
or ... just plain "ugly" shots.

Have you ever had that unfortunate experience of travelling somewhere, taking hundreds or even thousands of pictures, and coming back home to realize that nearly half of the photos are blurry and un-focused and the other half are either too dark or too bright?

I'm sure you can relate to this. The constant struggle to take photos that are visually beautiful. Having to rely on your "luck" as a photographer to get only one decent picture for every twenty, thirty, or even hundred photos you've taken.

Dirty Secrets of the “Experts”

Photo Techniques Program

Photo Techniques Program


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