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Watch Photography Secrets

Discover the Surprisingly Simple, Step-By-Step Methods for Taking Perfect Watch Photographs Every Time.


Attention: Calling all watch collectors, watch sellers, or anyone that just loves photographing them...

"Who Else Wants to Discover the Surprisingly Simple, Step-By-Step Methods of a 33 Year Old Man from PA for Taking Perfect Watch Photographs Every Time... 100% Guaranteed!"

If Capturing Picture Perfect Shots of Your Watch Collection isn't Exactly Your Strong Suit, Keep Reading...

From: Tim Davis

Dear Fellow Watch Lover,

If you're anything like me, then you're passionate about your watch collection...

One of the biggest joys to watch collecting however is actually sharing with others. Unfortunately for most of us though, taking professional quality photos of our timepieces is easier said than done.

Well, one day I decided to do something about this.

Introducing... Watch Photography Secrets!

Watch Photography Secrets is an illustrated, step-by-step guide that will take you from beginner watch photographer to pro in no time at all.

Whether you are an online watch enthusiast who simply wants to share pictures of your collection with others, a watch dealer or vendor looking to take better photos for listings, or an eBay dealer -- you'll learn everything you need to know and more with Watch Photography Secrets.

Here Are Just a Few Things You'll Discover...

  • Exactly how to setup the perfect shot! Skipping this all-important step can mean the difference between a professional quality photo and a terrible one!

  • How to make sure that your photos turn out sharp and clear every time! These tips will take your photography skills to the next level, guaranteed!

  • Little known lighting secrets! Discover exactly how to make the best use of lighting, both indoor and out!

  • How to properly use a light box. A light box can be a photographers best friend, but knowing how to use it properly is the real key!

  • How to eliminate pesky crystal glare! Crystal glare can make watch photography a challenge, learn exactly what to do to eliminate it!

  • How to correct color! Even the best photographers need some help with color correction - you'll learn exactly how to improve the quality of your pictures with my super simple color correction techniques.

  • The best ways to eliminate unwanted reflections! How to get rid of those unwanted reflections once and for all!

  • Step-by-step post-photo software editing instructions! Discover how to touch up your photos and turn even the most lack lustre images into stunning pictures! Hint: One of the best software programs for this is FREE.

  • How to avoid common watch photography pitfalls! Most people make several common mistakes which ruin their photos completely, I'll show you exactly how to avoid these pitfalls!

  • Learn exactly how to upload your photos to the web and share them with other watch enthusiasts! Even if you're a complete computer newbie, I'll show you exactly how to upload and share pictures of your watches on the Internet -- for FREE!

  • ... and much, much more!

Watch Photography Secrets - Learn How To Take Better Watch Photos Now!

Watch Photography Secrets - Learn How To Take Better Watch Photos Now!


Sell Your Digital Photos

All You Need To Get Started Is A Digital Camera and Internet Access!

Start A Freelance Photography Career
Sell Your Digital Photos!

Worldwide Opportunity - Photographers Needed Worldwide!

Discover How To... Make Money Selling Your Digital Photos!

All You Need To Get Started Is A Digital Camera and Internet Access!

What Does Sell Your Digital Photos Cover?
You Will Learn...

  • What exactly is freelance photography?

  • What to look for when buying a digital camera.

  • How to start selling selling stock photography.

  • How to get paid as a photographer on assignment.

  • How to take good photos.

  • What types of images are in the highest demand!

  • How to earn a residual income selling your photos at online image libraries!

  • How to sell photos on your own website.

  • An ingenious way to get clients to buy large prints of your photos. You'll love this idea!

  • How to turn your photos into products you can sell - make t-shirts, mugs, hats, and more!

Sell Your Digital Photos - Freelance Photography

Sell Your Digital Photos - Freelance Photography


The Absolute Step-by-Step Guide To The Perfect Panorama

Absolute step-by-step instructions - fully illustrated e-Book.

Learn How to Make Beautiful Wide Angle Panoramic Photographs in Minutes -  Using Your Own Ordinary Camera - Even if You've Never Used Photo Software Before.

Which of these photos will you bring back from your next vacation?

Bland or Grand

How often have you come home from your vacation with dozens or even hundreds of photos, only to feel disappointed that somehow your snapshots never seem to capture the grandeur of the sights you've seen?

Suppose you could follow a simple series of fully illustrated, absolute step-by-step instructions, and learn how to shoot a series of frames, then join them seamlessly together into a fantastic panoramic scene like the one above.

Imagine how you'll feel when your friends ask where you bought your gorgeous new eight foot panoramic photo
canvas, and you tell them you created it yourself with photos from your last vacation!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have the right tools and know how to use them.

That's where I can help

Denis Knight

Next time, bring back something worth framing.

Perfect Panorama - Absolute step-by-step instructions - fully illustrated e-Book.

Introducing ...The Absolute Step-by-Step Guide
to the Perfect Panorama


Digital Wedding Secrets

Secrets Of Wedding Photography Revealed - Including List Of Poses.

Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Awesome Wedding Photography!

"Wedding Photographers Are Some of the Highest-Paid, Most Demanded Photographers in the Industry…Isn‘t it YOUR TURN to Break-In to the Career of Your Dreams?...

If You Can Give Me 30 Seconds To Read This Message

I Promise Your Wedding Photography Business Will Be At Least Twice As Profitable"

“For the First Time Ever, the Doors to the Wedding Photography Industry Have Been Kicked-Down to Expose the Time-Proven Methods and Techniques for Success in Every Facet of Wedding Photography!”

From:Nick Smith

Dear friend,

I have an important message for you!

  1. Are you satisfied with your current wedding photography skills?

  2. Are you sure of using the latest wedding photography techniques?

  3. Are you satisfied with your wedding photography business?

  4. Are you satisfied with the number of clients who recommend your services to other “couples-to-be”?

  5. Are you satisfied with what you earn per wedding?

"Just imagine how much your life would change if you were a sought after wedding photographer"

And let me tell you something... once you know the secrets of wedding photography, it truly would be like having a brand-new start.

  • A better start.

  • A "start" with all the talent you already possess, but with skills that scream to the world.

And once you make this new start…

  • You'll Feel Professionally Equipped ...You'll go to the wedding confident that you know it all and you will know how to handle your clients better.

  • You'll Photograph Better... Your clients will look at the photographs with amazement... and brides will thank you generously

  • You'll Earn Way More... With your new found skills your customers will pay you way more and you will get more clients

Well... you don't have to "just imagine" anymore.

You Can Know All Those ‘Secret Tactics’ That Command Respect and Make Brides Pay Such High Prices. And ... You Don't Have To Go To A University To Learn Them.

Wedding Photography Secrets - #1 Book On Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Secrets - #1 Book On Wedding Photography


ProPhotoInsights Unique Photography Videos

Over 2 Hours of Video Training by Award Winning Photographer

Digital Photography Tutorials & Adobe Photoshop Training Videos To View & Purchase

Information On Videos.

Most of the videos available here are free to view online AND also available in high quality 1280x720 HD to purchase, download and view at your leisure.

These purchased versions often come with added bonuses and with extended content that is not available with the free versions.

Some videos listed are only available to purchase and therefore only have trailers free to view.

ProPhotoInsights Unique Photography Videos

Over 2 Hours of Video Training by Award Winning Photographer


Professional Photography Secrets

Complete Home Study Package: How To Work From Home With Photography.

Here's 14 Powerful Reasons Why Professional Photography Is The Ideal Way

For You To Make Serious Money! 

Dear Friend,


High Profits
Photographers make very good money. The minimum rates for Freelance Photographers, as approved by the Australian Media Alliance for 2008:


Rate By Time


Rate By Photograph


Per day


Cover Photo


Half day (2/3 day rate)


Full Page Photo


Per hour


Half Page Photo


Research (per hour)


Single Column Photo



These are just minimum rates! A Photographer can charge as much as their clients are willing to pay. You can charge from $1000.00 to $4000.00 for a wedding, $1500 a day (or more) for Commercial (Business) Photography and $1200.00 a day for Portrait Photography. How many people do you personally know who earn between $1000.00 and $4000.00 a day?

Low start-up costs

All you need to start is a basic camera with manual controls (film or digital) that you probably already own, could easily buy (new or second hand), could borrow or even hire. You also need a phone and some basic office stationery. You don’t need your own studio or darkroom. Studios and Darkrooms are available for hire if or when you need them, and you can bill the hire costs straight back to your client.

Work from Home
You don’t need a shop front to be a Professional Photographer. You can run your business from a spare room or even from your kitchen table. You can easily mix a home-based Photography business with study, raising a family, a full-time job or a part-time job.

Be Your Own Boss
Imagine it ! You’re the boss. All the profits belong to you. You set your prices, your hours, your work schedule and your assignments. There’s no limit to your income apart from your time and how much time and effort you put into it. You can work some-times, part-time, full-time or all-the-time. The choice is yours.

Big Demand
There is a huge, worldwide demand for good photographs. Companies are outsourcing all their non-core functions, and they can’t afford to employ permanent, in-house Photographers. Instead, they hire Professional Photographers as needed. People need Photographers!

Good Photographers are in very high demand and customers come to them. Good Photographers will “pick and choose” their jobs. They might refuse a 1-day, $2000.00 wedding assignment. They’ll just say, “Sorry, but I don’t do weddings”. Imagine that? When was the last time you refused a 1-day, $2000.00 job ? Imagine being in a position like that? You can take photographs for:


Advertising Agencies


Regional Newspapers

Australian Magazines

Graphic Designers

Shops and Restaurants

Book Publishers

International Magazines

Sports Organizations

Businesses (Small, Medium - Large)


Stock Libraries

Clubs And Associations

Local Newspapers

Travel/Tourism Industry


Parties And Functions

Web Designers/Web Sites


Photo Libraries


Family and Pet Portraits

Postcard/ calendar publishers

100’s more!

Work Anywhere In The World

Photography is a universal language. You can work anywhere in the world – all you need is to speak some of the language and your camera. The whole world is your market!

Professional Photography Secrets

Professional Photography Secrets


Earn $300 A Week with Your Digital Camera

Discover How To Make Hundreds Even Thousands of Extra Dollars Every Month with Digital Photos.

ATTENTION:  Digital Camera Owners...

"Discover How To Make Hundreds Even Thousands of Extra Dollars Every Month With Digital Photos You'd Normally Delete From Your Camera!"

Your Digital Camera Can Make You A Handsome Income
This Red Hot Instantly Downloaded Book Shows You How!

  • Immediately Generate Income from Your Digital Photos!
  • Become Creative and Get Ahead In This Booming Business!
  • Tap Into The Hugh Demand for Original Photos!
  • Make Good Money from Simple Day-To-Day Photographs!
  • Upload A Few Popular Photos and Create A Sizeable Monthly Income!
  • No Start Up Costs!
  • Begin Immediately!

Chris Farrell Presents
Earn $300 A Week with Your Digital Camera

Earn $300 A Week with Your Digital Camera


Explosive Instant Headers

Quality Website Headers Templates Niche Websites.
JPEG and Psd (photoshop) Can Be Customised Easily.

High quality headers graphics for niche site owners who want to boost their online appearance and credibility instantly!

Wouldn't It Be Amazing If You Can Have Professional Website Header in...
Just A Few Minutes & Only Cost You $1.9 ?

"Hello, I'm Jay Santos. I have been a professional graphic designer for ten years now, serving for corporates and individual's projects (see my portfolio at www.explosivegrafix.com). I am very excited to bring you my new product : "Explosive Instant Headers" - high quality website headers templates which aim at commercial niche websites.

This product comes in several choice of segmented themes so you can buy only what you really need. I believe these collections will not only reduce the cost and shortcut your website creation process, but also improve your site appearance, boost your site branding, attract more visitors, and make your niche-sites pull in more, more sales =) Have a try! "

Quick Start Your Money Making Sites With These Special Features:

  • 20 ready to use high quality headers

  • Totally new collections, just released in 2009

  • Niche of your choice (See available themes at page bottom). The advantage of this segmented theme compared to bulk pack you found out there, is that you only pay for what you really need.

  • Specially designed by professional graphic designer, no amateurish, no cheap look

  • Lifetime support. Don't worry if you are not a graphic savvy, or you don't have the right program to edit the files, I'll back you up, whether you just need a technical advice or a custom touch-up!

  • Separate layers for text and images so it can be easily customized to your own need

  • 2 type of files : PSD file for maximum customize-ability of text and images using Photoshop, and blank JPG file which you can insert your own text

  • Super cost saver! Not even match the price of ONE single custom-made header at any other graphic designers

  • "How to Use" manual included

Explosive Instant Headers

Explosive Instant Headers - Quality Website Headers Templates Niche Websites


1 in a Million ECOVERS

70+ Photoshop eCover Action Scripts!
Create unique eCovers in 3 Clicks!

"Congratulations! You've Just Discovered The #1 Point and Click eCover Script Package Online, That Will Have Your Customers Drooling With Credit Card In Hand!"

This Pack Is Called One In A Million eCovers For A Reason...
There Is NOTHING As Unique As This Online, Period!

From The Desk Of: Bren OHara
Dear fellow marketer and budding graphics designer...

These days, more and more people are getting involved in the internet world. To be a massive success online, people need one thing... a product to sell!  Sure, you can make decent money as an affiliate, but to make the real moolah you need to start thinking outside of the box and concentrating on releasing your own products and services.

Creating your first product may sound daunting, money, time perhaps even trying to find the right people to work with, but we have cut one part of that process right out, by putting together 70+ unique Photoshop action scripts!

One of the most important factors for selling your own products online is first impression, a first impression can actually influence people to buy from you, and possibly coming back for more in the future.

Now, as an Internet Marketer myself, and I have released well over 40 products in my time online, the one thing I have constantly craved is to be UNIQUE, there is nothing worse than looking like someone else, especially when it comes to graphics.

That's why I have invested heavily in One In A Million eCovers, mainly for myself, but also for my customers/members and email subscribers to stand out from the rest.

It really is THAT important to stand out from the rest, to stay ahead of the competition...

One in A Million eCovers is "The Answer"

The #1 Photoshop Action Scripts Package - 70 Unique Designs!

The #1 Photoshop Action Scripts Package - 70 Unique Designs!


Ebook: PDF Portfolio Success

An Artists Guide to Creating - Managing and Marketing Online Portfolios.


Fr: Greg R. Welch, Publisher
Owner of Welch Publishing LLC

Over this past decade, I’ve developed and published two print magazines, as well as various playbills and program guides for several arts communities. Many of these types of publications require countless reviews of artist’s portfolio submissions within very strict production deadlines. It is through these experiences that I became increasingly aware of a need for online portfolio services.

As you may know, Adobe Reader is widely considered the standard for electronic document delivery and publishing and there is simply no other web-based file format that is more “rich media friendly.” When I realized this notion, I immediately began using PDF for many of my expensive print marketing materials such as; media kits, postcards, etc. 

In additional to the time saved from utilizing PDF, the financial benefits were the spark that I needed to launch my PDF portfolio services for creative professionals in 2006. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working on the PDF portfolios of amazing artists in various media such as, painting, sculpture, illustration, music, makeup, modelling, and of course photography.

I now have over one hundred PDF portfolios in my own portfolio which has led me to the decision to write and publish this eBook; PDF PORTFOLIO SUCCESS. This publication is an outline of my actual workflow and will serve as a great reference piece whether you are designing your portfolio pages yourself or outsourcing them. There any many short insights and tips that will not only save you time, but offer a professional perspective. Not to mention, I’ve included some of my best cover and photo design templates for reference.

My hope is that this eBook will offer some guidance for those up and coming artists who want to create, manage, and market their own PDF portfolios.

Ebook: PDF Portfolio Success

Ebook: PDF Portfolio Success - Creating - Managing and Marketing Online Portfolios.


21 Steps To Perfect Photos

Learn Photography In A Digital World Teaching You How To Take Great Photos Using Any Camera.

Don't Take Another Photograph Until You Have Read This Book!!

Inside You'll Discover ...

21 easy steps to PERFECT photos

  • A radical new method of learning photography, FAST
  • the secrets pro's use for taking photo masterpieces
  • simple steps to dramatically improve your photos
  • how to CAPTURE that "Kodak moment"

21 Steps To Perfect Photos - How To Take Great Photos Using Any Camera.


Photo Cash Machine

Foolproof system to turn your hobby into a cash machine.

"This Foolproof System Will Show You How to Turn Your Passion for Digital Photography into a Money-Making Machine"

It’s true. Thousands of people have managed to take their love of photography to the next level by generating income online from the comfort of their own homes simply by selling their photographs. 

Dear Friend,

If you already have a digital camera (or if you are thinking about purchasing one), and if you have ever dreamed about making more money, then I have an opportunity for you! This is could be the most important letter that you will ever read…

And let me tell you why: I am about to reveal to you, in no uncertain terms, exactly how you can generate hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars of income simply by taking photographs and submitting them online in your spare time.

You Do Not Need Any Photography Experience!

Even if you do not yet have any photography experience, you can take this foolproof system and use it to make money online.

The system I am prepared to show you is proven and tested and has turned the passion for photography into a career for many people, including those who have no photography experience. 
  • Have any of your family members or friends ever commented on a beautiful photo you’ve taken?
  • Do you seize every opportunity for great shots in everyday life?
  • Do you want to use those photos to make extra money?
  • Of course you do. Who wouldn’t?

These photography opportunities are completely legitimate and genuine, and are so powerful that they require no need for any expensive machinery or costly photography supplies, and you can start today with only your digital camera and your willingness to learn.

Photo Cash Machine

Photo Cash Machine - Foolproof system to turn your hobby into a cash machine.


Photo Advertising

Get Loads Of Exposure with Eye-Catching Photo Advertising.

"Here's How You Can Get Loads Of Exposure For Your Product, Service Or Newsletter with An Eye-Catching Photo Ad Shown Prominently On Our Websites"

Dear Friend,

If you have any sort of website, you'll already know that need to advertise to bring visitors and customers to your site.

However the big problem is that online advertising can be very expensive - often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

On top of this, most online advertising offers very poor returns, using tiny text ads which do not offer sufficient room to properly show off your product or offer.

The result is that many potential customers never click on your ad, because it doesn't even catch their eye.

There's also the problem of "curiosity clicks", where visitors are unsure what you are offering - because the ad is so short - and click on your ad just to see what it is. If you're using pay-per-click, this ends up costing you money for zero benefit.

Clearly what you need is higher quality website adverts - and of course lower prices.

Now you have have both these with our superb advertising offer...

Photo Advertising

Photo Advertising - Get Loads Of Exposure with Eye-Catching Photo Advertising.


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